You know those women who just have all the luck with men? Well, that was Miss Ruby. She was married very young to a machine operator at the food processing plant. He doted on her every chance he got. The children were happy too. All that ended when Mr. Don lost his footing and fell from the top of one of the machines.

Miss Ruby was devastated. The children were shadows of themselves. The once well-kept housewife had to find work in order to feed her children. And that she did. She found a job at a factory and was soon chummy with everyone. Even the boss was fond of Miss Ruby.

Her bubbly personality was hard to resist by even the must unpleasant brute. Even Fitzy was seen trying to have small talk with Miss Ruby, and he’s one to grumble rather than talk to anyone. But it was the owner’s son that caught Miss Ruby’s eye. He was a tall, athletic-looking fellow and all the ladies had their eyes on him. He was the youngest of the owner’s sons, but was in line to run the business. I guess the boss loved him best.

He had a thing for Miss Ruby too, even though he was a few years her junior. “How mi nuh si Robbie bring soda and cake fi nobody else? A nuh like Ruby look hungry wid dah big bumpa deh weh she have!” It was Jacko who made that observation one day, causing the whole factory yard to erupt with laughter. It was obvious, and Miss Ruby and Robbie became the talk of the town.

It first started as whispers.

“Den a weh da big marrid ooman deh a do wid such a likkle bwoy?” Miss Minnie, the shopkeeper thought it important to ask. “Instead she enjoy har husban dead-lef, she gaan look nex man.”

“An a not even two year good,” added Miss Petal.

Talk got louder and louder in the quiet community—the deacon got wind of the rumours. But it was the boss who had he biggest mouthful to say. Apparently Robbie told his sister that he planned to marry Miss Ruby.

“Over my dead body!” Mr. Blackstock was not having it. “No son of mine is going to marry no damn ole woman wid five pickney!” Robbie had no say in the matter. Before he knew it he was shipped to America to the boss’s brother. But by that time Miss Ruby was expecting baby number six.

Copyright © 2019, Larisa McBean

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