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  • Beat Plastic Pollution

    Today is World Environment Day, and the theme for this year is: “Beat Plastic Pollution.” But, why this theme? The reason is due to the levels of pollution as a result of plastic pollution, and the high cost of single-use… Read More ›

  • Haiku

    Who knows the next one? Life—so filled with ups and downs Make this the best one. — Larisa Monaé

  • A Jamiekan Mi Chat (I Speak Jamaican)

    I started writing this post over three years ago during one of our perennial debates on the Jamaican language—to speak or not to speak? For some reason, I never published it, until now, three years later, when said perennial debate… Read More ›

  • Xaymaca

    Energy centers—potent Dispersed to cardinal points Creative genius in her midst Roses shooting rapidly out of concrete . Inspiration for the masses Scientific discoveries Music touching the very soul Revolutionaries, told and untold . There’s something in the soil Or… Read More ›

  • Sunday

    Of all the days back then Sundays were always kind Everything seemed calm No bad memories come to mind . Singing cheerful songs About stories of hope and love The past week’s troubles a memory From which to rise above… Read More ›

  • Your Best Life

    You are here to learn To live a full life You’ll have joys unspeakable But there will be bad times   Do all that you can Take every chance Make this your best life You only get it once —… Read More ›

  • Grow Where You’re Planted?

    “Grow where you’re planted” That’s what many do Make the best of circumstances Winning, through and through . Digging deep into the ground Roots seeking food Stretching up to the sun Their flowers do bloom . But others stretch far… Read More ›