Month: December 2018


Change can be terrifying Disrupting everything held dear Even bad habits that prove tiring We hold them tight out of fear . What if I hate this new thing? What’s the new replacing the old? What will this change really… Read More ›


With a cool, calm air Seemingly unphased Tongues wag, eyes stare Still, she strides without a care . She’s been through far worse They may not see the scars No sharp tongue, no eye compares To lifetimes fighting wars …. Read More ›


Quietude or bustle Whether a stroll, or a shuffle Time goes by slowly Nothing out of the ordinary . Hills sit quietly watching Rivers rush on by Cattle crossing unperturbed Birds swooped down take flight . Inner turmoil takes a… Read More ›

Dumb Down

Too big Too bright Dumb down Or take flight . A peg here A chunk there Knocking out That haughty air . Still shining But not for long Think you’re right You’re oh so wrong . Only one king Not… Read More ›


Not all gifts are given for giving’s sake Some are given so the giver can take Your dignity here, your loyalty there Some aren’t gifts at all, but really a snare — Copyright © Larisa McBean

The Potter

You’re lovely, just awesome Let me have a look Your eyes shine like diamonds I could just eat you up . You’re perfect… well… almost There’s a blot on your face A little makeup will fix that All your flaws… Read More ›

The Heart Knows

The heart knows what eyes can’t see Or maybe it’s the whole body Warning that something’s off Making you feel uneasy . Truth takes its time to appear Detained by well-dressed lies Still, the heart sniffs out trouble But sight… Read More ›