Month: December 2018


Change can be terrifying Disrupting everything held dear Even bad habits that prove tiring We hold them tight out of fear   What if I hate this new thing? What’s the new replacing the old? What will this change really… Read More ›


With a cool, calm air Seemingly unphased Tongues wag, eyes stare Still, she strides without a care   She’s been through far worse They may not see the scars No sharp tongue, no eye compares To lifetimes fighting wars  … Read More ›


Quietude or bustle Whether a stroll, or a shuffle Time goes by slowly Nothing out of the ordinary   Hills sit quietly watching Rivers rush on by Cattle crossing unperturbed Birds swooped down take flight   Inner turmoil takes a… Read More ›

Dumb Down

Too big Too bright Dumb down Or take flight   A peg here A chunk there Knocking out That haughty air   Still shining But not for long Think you’re right You’re oh so wrong   Only one king Not… Read More ›


Not all gifts are given for giving’s sake Some are given so the giver can take Your dignity here, your loyalty there Some aren’t gifts at all, but really a snare — Copyright © Larisa McBean

The Potter

You’re lovely, just awesome Let me have a look Your eyes shine like diamonds I could just eat you up   You’re perfect… well… almost There’s a blot on your face A little makeup will fix that All your flaws… Read More ›

The Heart Knows

The heart knows what eyes can’t see Or maybe it’s the whole body Warning that something’s off Making you feel uneasy   Truth takes its time to appear Detained by well-dressed lies Still, the heart sniffs out trouble But sight… Read More ›