Month: December 2018

Full Circle

Parents, Your children deserve your love, Your care, And your respect. . It’s your duty to provide them With a safe and loving environment. After all, you brought them here; They didn’t ask to come here. Remember that As much… Read More ›


Squeezing Twisting Restricting Constricting . Can’t move Can’t breathe Can’t run Can’t scream . Stomach clenching Heart pounding Hands perspiring Eyes tearing . Relax Breathe It’ll be fine You’ll see . Okay You’ve got this Deep breaths Just rest …. Read More ›

Truth or Fake

Truth is stranger than fiction Especially in this day What is seen and heard might just be Just an elaborate play . Sensation gets attention Excitement, blood, chaos The mundane—the plain old truth, though Barely gets a reaction . The… Read More ›


It’s a necessary part of reality. I don’t enjoy it. I don’t seek it, But I know it. I have felt it. . There are growing pains, Without which we stay stunted. Physical pain isn’t pointless, It teaches us endurance…. Read More ›


Water breaks; The walls close in. Home is no longer welcoming, Forcing me out. . It shakes, Writhing in agony The earth quakes; I hang on. The space becomes smaller; Can’t stay here any longer. But this is my home,… Read More ›