It’s a necessary part of reality.

I don’t enjoy it.

I don’t seek it,

But I know it.

I have felt it.


There are growing pains,

Without which we stay stunted.

Physical pain isn’t pointless,

It teaches us endurance.

Emotional pain can take its toll,

But its experiences help life unfold.


There aren’t enough words in the universe,

To articulate loving pains.

Love unrequited,

Love turned to hate,

Love scars and bruises,

Love that’s worth the wait.

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Yet it remains,

Pain is no fun.

It breaks you,

It changes you,

It makes you question the gods.


Is it worth it?

The gods would say:

Pain is.

There is no escape.

It must be embraced.


If there is no pain,

How do we know joy?

For joy and pain

Are two halves of the same whole.


Taking root

In the depths of the soul.

One can’t exist without the other;

One is the child, the other the mother.

This image may be subject to copyright

Is all pain worth it, though?

The short answer is no.

There is no point

To enduring some pains.

If it’s not tied in with joy,

Then it’s all in vain.


If it’s borne of selfishness,


Taking without giving,

Giving without replenishing,

It leaves a scar on the heart,

That’s difficult to mend.


Pain is necessary,

But not all pain.

So, as much as you can,

Choose what’s worth the pain.

Copyright © Larisa McBean


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