Water breaks;

Walls close in.

Home is no longer welcoming,

Forcing me out.


It shakes,

Writhing in agony

The earth quakes;

I hang on.

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The space becomes smaller;

Can’t stay here any longer.

But this is my home,

Where do I go?


A force pushes me down;

Can’t hold on.

Have to hold on tighter;

Only God knows what is yonder.


Still being pressed down;

The pressure is unbearable.

Don’t know if I can hold on;

What is this evil?


There’s a tiny light ahead;

The door to another world?

How will I survive?

All I know is right here.

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The light gets bigger and brighter,

The walls push me even farther.

My head is out, what is this place?

My heart longs for a better place.


I’m out! I’m free!

But I don’t know this place.

It’s all so frightening,

Looking from face to face.


It’s so cold and noisy.

Why am I here?

Then someone swaddles me,

And draws me near.


Still, I cry,

For where am I?

Everything‘s so different,

And I don’t know why.

This image may be subject to copyright

But my home is no more;

I’ve been cast out.

I’m hungry and tired,

Then something fills my mouth.


It’s just what I need;

Food for my soul.

I soon fall asleep.

When I wake, I am home.

Copyright © Larisa McBean

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