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Larisa McBean is a Tourism Professional and Researcher specialising in community tourism development, and a Blogger who writes commentary on a variety of topics. An International Development graduate (MSc.) from the University of Birmingham, U.K., she majored in poverty and inequality reduction strategies and conducted research on sports tourism as a vehicle to socio-economic development. She also has a background in education and training, and public speaking, having taught in Jamaica, the United States, France and Japan.

  • Home

    It’s that feeling of leaving, Then coming home. There’s nothing else like it; The air smells fresher;   The breeze blows sweetly; You notice the birds chirping. Each sound you hear, Each sight, carries meaning.   It’s waking up in… Read More ›

  • A Bigger Piece of the Tourism Pie

    Travel and tourism are big businesses; this can’t be said enough. People love to travel and explore their environments, whether near or far. They are pulled by stories; history, photographs, culture, nature and other people. Most of us are naturally… Read More ›

  • Resilience and Inclusion through Community Tourism

    Tourism is a powerful tool for economic growth and development the world over. The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) reports extraordinary tourist numbers year after year; monumental earnings; and never-before-seen levels of growth. The economic impact is evidenced both… Read More ›

  • Life’s Frailties

    Life is so fragile. Success doesn’t fill you. Wealth doesn’t save you. A job doesn’t protect you. Admirers can’t assure you.   Happiness can be elusive. Contentment fades quickly. Mental anguish isn’t partial; Whether rich or poor, Popular or unknown…. Read More ›

  • Beat Plastic Pollution

    Today is World Environment Day, and the theme for this year is: “Beat Plastic Pollution.” But, why this theme? The reason is due to the levels of pollution as a result of plastic pollution, and the high cost of single-use… Read More ›

  • Africa: Challenges and Prospects

    May 25 is Africa Day, a commemoration of the founding of the Organisation of African Unity (known today as the African Union – AU). This is a day recognised by Africans on the continent, as well as in the African… Read More ›

  • The British Empire, Windrush, and a History of Exploitation

    The Windrush scandal has left a bad taste in the mouths of many persons in the UK, but especially in Jamaica and the Jamaican diaspora, and the other commonwealth nations whose citizens, and citizens by descent, have been affected by the immigration policies of the UK and its Home Office. As a matter of fact, Windrush leaving a ‘bad taste’ in our mouths is an understatement…