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Larisa McBean is a Tourism Professional and Researcher specialising in community tourism development, and a Blogger who writes commentary on a variety of topics. An International Development graduate (MSc.) from the University of Birmingham, U.K., she majored in poverty and inequality reduction strategies and conducted research on sports tourism as a vehicle to socio-economic development. She also has a background in education and training, and public speaking, having taught in Jamaica, the United States, France and Japan.

  • Full Circle

    Parents, Your children deserve your love, Your care, And your respect.   It’s your duty to provide them With a safe and loving environment. After all, you brought them here; They didn’t ask to come here. Remember that As much… Read More ›

  • Panic

    Squeezing Twisting Restricting Constricting   Can’t move Can’t breathe Can’t run Can’t scream   Stomach clenching Heart pounding Hands perspiring Eyes tearing   Relax Breathe It’ll be fine You’ll see   Okay You’ve got this Deep breaths Just rest  … Read More ›

  • Truth or Fake

    Truth is stranger than fiction Especially in this day What is seen and heard might just be Just an elaborate play   Sensation gets attention Excitement, blood, chaos The mundane—the plain old truth, though Barely gets a reaction   The… Read More ›

  • Lessons Learned While Traveling: Saving

    Two years ago I visited Hong Kong while I was living in Japan. It was the summer holidays and customary for English teachers to travel for a few days to another Asian country. The trip was short and nice; we… Read More ›

  • How do I love?

    How do I love? When I don’t know what love is Because my formative years were Mean words and meaner deeds.   How do I know love? If I never received love Since I was always a burden Something to… Read More ›

  • Pain

    It’s a necessary part of reality. I don’t enjoy it. I don’t seek it, But I know it. I have felt it.   There are growing pains, Without which we stay stunted. Physical pain isn’t pointless, It teaches us endurance…. Read More ›

  • Re-Birth

    Water breaks; Walls close in. Home is no longer welcoming, Forcing me out.   It shakes, Writhing in agony The earth quakes; I hang on. The space becomes smaller; Can’t stay here any longer. But this is my home, Where… Read More ›