That life is filled with drudgery, 
Mistakes and failures normal,
Are truths for all who trod this Earth
Our existence hopeful or dismal.

Life’s vicissitudes can’t be overcome.
How does one overcome change?
Only constants can be pinned down
Long enough to decide their fate.

Mutability is par for the course
Yet the nature of life compels us to try
To control outcomes——and sometimes we do
Until we can’t and life does as it likes

Are our efforts all in vain?
Is trying really futile?
Or are we part of a grander scheme
That none of the players truly realise?

Is this way of thinking by design?
About life, change, our purpose?
Triggering us to understand, act, or try
Pushing the limit of what is known

Success doesn’t satisfy
At least not for long
Failure is always ‘round the bend
Striking ego to the ground

Excitement transforms into boredom
Love and hate into indifference
The adrenaline rush subsides
And we try to experience it again

But all that’s left is the drudgery
The mundanity of days turning into years
What is life and our purpose?
Joy, pain, apathy, peace, hope, fears

© Larisa McBean

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