Let’s Talk About COVID

How are you doing?

I’m serious. How are you REALLY doing?

2020 has been a rough year for many, mainly because of COVID-19. The first case was confirmed in Jamaica in March; in America, it was in January; it’s been in China since last year. That being said, the pandemic is affecting everyone everywhere.

Amidst the new cases, the deaths, the restrictions, the upheaval of our lives in dealing with this virus, many are not doing very well. There are job losses, work from home orders, limited socialisation, poor internet connection affecting communications, increases in food poverty, increases in domestic and child abuse… the list goes on and on.

So how are you doing? How are you coping?

This can’t be easy for you, especially if you lack the resources you need to thrive in this time. But how do you deal with it, considering that COVID will be with us for a while—there is no vaccine yet. Also, a lot of the things that have changed will not revert once a vaccine is developed because—fortunately or unfortunately—these changes allow for greater efficiency.

If you haven’t broken down and cried yet, you are strong. If you have, that’s quite normal. It’s tough and everyone is struggling! You just have to remember to get back up when you fall or break down, don’t stay there.

Here are some tips for coping in these trying times:

◦ Talk to someone (it can be therapeutic)

◦ Ask for help if you need it (don’t be afraid)

◦ Go for a walk (exercise lifts your mood)

◦ Soak up some sunlight (vitamin D)

◦ Reach out to those in need (helping helps)

◦ Journal, blog, vlog (find an outlet)

◦ Reach out to family and friends

◦ Just keep going

The list is not exhaustive, so you may find other ways to cope. Just do it. These are unprecedented times but we have to adjust and keep going. But also take your time and don’t be hard on yourself. Don’t feel bad for feeling frustrated, especially if you see others looking like they have it all together. They probably don’t.

Leave a comment on how you’re coping with COVID.

©️ Larisa McBean

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  1. We taking it one day at a time, being safe but productive as possible. One door close another open, just have to open minded.


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