Energy centers—potent

Dispersed to cardinal points

Creative genius in her midst

Roses shooting rapidly out of concrete


Inspiration for the masses

Scientific discoveries

Music touching the very soul

Revolutionaries, told and untold


There’s something in the soil

Or is it in the air?

Her culture, an icon for the world

Her sons’ and daughters to share


Wood, water flowing—abundant

Mountains the world to treasure

Herbs for healing nations

Endless fun and pleasure


But not all her genius uplifts

Evil flourishes alongside good

Blood runs freely like her rivers

Words, to the bones, bring shivers


Loot up for grabs, scammers aplenty

Hearts devoid of love—just empty

Future in the green isle looks grey

Urging the next revolutionary this way


Yet they are all here already

Hidden behind scowls and iron

Viewing mere slights as an offense

Waging wars with deadly weapons


But there’s a zeitgeist a-coming

The opposite of fear and dread

This egregor’s days are numbered

It’s the dying cry of a dinosaur

©️ Larisa Monaé

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