Grow Where You’re Planted?

“Grow where you’re planted”

That’s what many do

Make the best of circumstances

Winning, through and through


Digging deep into the ground

Roots seeking food

Stretching up to the sun

Their flowers do bloom


But others stretch far

Through dry, toxic soil

Seeking a drop of water

Some reward for their toil


The sun hides and seeks

It shouldn’t harm, but do good

But in a barren environment

It sucks the life blood


“Grow where you’re planted”

Can’t always be done

Where no nourishment exists

And death the outcome


But there are exceptions

For those that evolve

From concrete or rubble

They still rise above


Even better for others

Through a change of scenery

A transplanting to good soil

And they sprout, suddenly

© Larisa McBean

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