Mr. Fix-it

He fixes things, or, at least, he tries

Taking old things for repair

A microwave, a toaster oven

A broken-down armchair


Old TVs, radios, and a fridge

Starting with one or two in his workshop

Graduating to a horde of broken things

Lining the room from bottom to top


He’s a fixer, lending a helping hand

To the needy that he meets

But he thinks nothing of his good deeds

Thinking, “anyone would do it”


Many a thing he takes for fixing

He ends up giving to one who needs it

For everyone knows Old Fix-it

Collects less for fixing and more for charity


A simple man, nonchalant

Unassuming in every way

You’d never guess the places he’s been

In lands far, far away


But his fixing days are over

He’ll never fix that broken clock

His house is now stacked with rusting things

For Mr. fix-it, time has stopped


© Larisa McBean

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