I had a revelation while playing Candy Crush Soda Saga© just now (don’t judge me -_-). I was on my last life while playing the game. I was also down to my last move before that life ran out. I was focusing on getting all the candies in order to win the game. There were two candies still encased and I had just used my last move. I thought I had surely lost the game because I did not manage to get those two last candies. But then I looked up and saw the tick appear, which meant that I had won the game. It was only then that I looked down on the two candies and realised that I hadn’t needed them in order to win the game. I had collected all the special candies that I needed to collect and those two weren’t important; but I thought they were.

One of the lessons I learned is that we sometimes focus on a particular thing in our lives and believe strongly that we need this thing in order to survive, to succeed or to win at something. This ‘thing’ could be a particular status, a particular individual, a certain job, or even an achievement. We can be so intently focused on that thing that we don’t realise that we already have all we need to survive, to succeed, or to win. We inadvertently give these things our power and sometimes don’t realise it until the very end.

The other lesson I learned is that you can be down to your last; whether that’s your last opportunity, your last move, or your last try. You might not have many options and the prospects might indeed look bleak. The odds may not seem to ‘be ever in your favour’, but rather stacked against you. But if you’re meant to win then you’re just meant to win. I say that to say this: trust the process and keep an open mind. There are some things that are outside of your control, and despite your best efforts, or your worst, the outcome is dependent merely on chance. You can lose the game with the best prospects of winning. But you can also win with seemingly very little chance in your favour.

What are the chances…

You just never know.

Copyright © Larisa McBean

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